Above left, Andjelko with his sisters Luzarija and Filipina--to the right, view Andjelko and his wife Pavica


Karmen Antic

Andjelko was born about 1928 (born 22 July 1924 Novi). He was the last child and everyone adored him. After Ivan died and Anton left for New Zealand, he was the only male child left at home. He was in the navy for five years and when he returned at the age of 23, he married Pavica Jelicic (born 30 January 1931) from Bribir (next to Novi).

Because he didn't have a trade, Andjelko worked hard all his life. He worked with horses for transporting materials and wood for building houses. Later, he worked at a large food development and distribution company, "tigopromet," until he retired. They never had any children. He still lives in Novi. Although he was a naughty child, he grew up to be a kind hearted man that adores children.

Andjelko, flanked by neice Elvira, and, Elvira's daughter Luciana

l-r Elvira, Elvira's 1st cousin Zeljka Miletic, Elvira's daughter Luciana
Andjelko's wife Pavica, Margareta Sokolic's daughter Carmen