Anne Margaret Segulia was born 9 April 1923, and, we lost Ann 21 December, 2003. Above left, view an early picture of Anne (rt) with her Arizona cousin, Margaret, and to the right, view a later picture of Anne with a whole bunch of Segulias at the second family reunion staged in San Diego, California. From left (floral dress) is 1.) Amber Suzanne Tippit, 2.) Robert Dion Tippit (red shirt), 3.) Debra Harp holding 4.) Vivian, 5.) Michael Harp, 6.) Suzanne Tippit (in yellow), 7.) Autumn Bryanne Tippit (floral dress), in front of Autumn is 8.) Jonathan Harp, behind Autumn is 9.) Dustin Peters, next to him is 10.) Robert Peters (Debra's husband), 11.) Debra Peters, 12.) Jarrett Peters (in red), 13.) Anne Segulia Tippit Desilets, 14.) Fred Desilets

Anne. . . .

Anne and her former husband, J.T. Tippit, had three children, Ronald, Debra, and Bryan.


Ron Tippit at Antoinette Kriskovich and Larry Reynolds's wedding
to the right is his mother Anne, then his aunt Mary Cooper

Ron. . .

Ron had a son, Derek, with the former Lorraine McElhaney. We lost Ron _______________

Photos of Derek:

Derek and his machine gun

Young Derek in Blythe

Derek has married Kim Van Es born May 13,1968, in Jersey City, New Jersey and has three children Amanda Lombardo age 17, Alyssa Lombardo age 15 and Justin Lombardo age 13. All three children were born in Passaic, New Jersey. See photos below:__________________________


Debbie has three sons, Michael Harp, and Dustin and Jarrett Peters, with former husband Robert Peters.

Jarrett married Jessica Hernandez 04/15/1988, May 2014.

Michael, b. 3 April 1967, and his wife, Debra (Vallecillo), b. 4 January 1967, have a daughter Vivian, b. 20 July 1991, a son, Jonathan, b. 6 December 1987, and a daughter Cameron,b. 13 June 1999.


Michael's family
Debra Harp

This picture was taken in December [1999]. We decided to take a family picture after 7 years. . .finally!

the Harps
from l-r, Vivian, Debra, Cameron, Jonathan, and Mike

Also, here is a brief bio on each of us:

Mike Harp--Industrial Electrician for 9 1/2 years. Works in L.A. and enjoys staying home on weekends, since his commute to L.A. is 3-4 hours round trip per day. Works real hard to support his family of 5.

Debra Harp--Mother of three. Stay at home mom during the week and works in Real Estate on weekends. I have been in Real Estate Lending for 14 years. I enjoy being the mother of my kids and wife to Mike.

Jonathan Harp--Our first born. he is a straight "A" student, also an honor roll student. [He is] Very smart and very funny; attends middle school; and is a pretty cool guy.

(update) Jonathan continues to carry his 4.0 GPA in school, always making the honor roll, since the 4th grade. He is running for 7th grade Student Representative, loves to play guitar and "hang out" with his friends, and starts Pop Warner Football in August.

Vivian Harp--More beautiful in person than in pictures. All of her teachers comment about her positive attitude in school and her ver active participation in class. She loves school and gets good grades, always. Vivian has lots of friends and lots of fun.

Vivian will be entering the 4th drade in August. she still loves school and is a very active participant in her class. she will soon be starting her 3rd season of Cheerleading. Vivian has become an excellent big sister for Cameron.

Cameron Harp--Our baby girl. Such a good baby. We can't get over how cute she is and how much we are all enjoying her. 7 months old (1/2000) is trying to stand on her own--starting to imitate her siblings.

Cameron has been walking for almost 3 months now, and, is trying real hard to talk and imitate us. She is very interested in chasing the dog around the house and in feeding her. Her 1st birthday is coming up June 13th.




Bryan and Suzie Tippit

Bryan. . .is a grandpa!. . . check it out!

Autumn, Leah b. 7 Jan 2003, and Jeff


Leah, again
Bryan and Suzie have three children, a son Robert, and two daughters, Amber and Autumn.
from left, Robert Dion Tippit (in 1992), Amber Suzanne Tippit, and Autumn Bryanne Tippit--1997

Robert returned from a tour of duty in Korea and is pursuing a law enforcement career, Amber is a college student in Idaho, and Autumn attends College in Southern Utah. All three Tippit children received academic honors in high school.

RNUPICRobert----Robert is pursuing a career in law enforcement (more to come) look out you bad guys! right click view image for a better look

Coming Soon! Three new family members--Robert's intended, Melissa, with son Amador and daughter Brianna

ANUPICAmber----Amber with her fiance, Bill Vander Pol, V (more to come) right click view image for a better look

Amber and Bill's wedding

Amber and Bill are the proud parents of William Peter Vander Pol, VI, who joined our family on October 14, 2003. (Do you think Suzie will furnish us a picture or 30?)

Autumn----Hi Mike...[Suzie speaking] I never got the scanner to work so this is a little late, but this is Autumn's Sr Picture from High School. She will start her 2nd year at Southern Utah Univ. in Cedar City Utah with a BioChem major.....Her 1st year went well with a 3.0 GPA ....(would have been better if she had not learned to snowboard...worked at the ski resort so got her lifts for free!! yikes, bad combination for a freshman that's a sports nut!!!)

She was in the audience of The Price Is Right which aired on the 26th of May...was in all the views of contestants row..maybe somebody recognized her..that Yugo look is very prominent.

At left, view Autumn and her (then) fiance, Jeffrey Paul Leavitt--the big day is June 16th in Las Vegas!

At left, view Autumn and her HUSBAND, Jeffrey Paul Leavitt--at their reception in Blythe. Here's the info on Jeff: Jeff was born April 4, 1978. (to be continued)


Mother's day 2007 at Autumn & Jeff's. Amber has Sterling Monroe (born 6-15-06 at home) on her lap. Amber took the name from Jacob Monroe Tippit.

Let's not forget that Robert isn't the only Summa Cum Laude scholar
in the family--behold Autumn!

Harper giving grandpa Bryan nautical directions

Sea World May 26th 2007 with Robert, Melissa, Amador,
Weston (on Suzie's lap) Suzie, Bryan, Harper and Brianna

Leah giving grandpa Bryan a few angling pointers

Grayson Rodney Leavitt born May 8th 2007--Autumn and Jeff's 3rd child

Davis Bryan Leavitt taken May 10th 2007--2 years old