Johanna Hansen Whisman

GaGaAnnie Segulja Hansen (at left with husband Jack and grandson Elden) was born in 1927, in Gadsden, Arizona. She was the third child of Peter and Johana Segulja. She was born in an adobe house which was built by her father and his brother Felix, to replace the wooden house, built by Felix and another brother, John, that later burnt to the ground, when they came to the Yuma Valley, purchased desert, and turned it into farmland. Annie's father ran into the wooden inferno and emerged, watch in hand, only to have the roof cave in when he came out. They built the next house out of adobe. This house, which still stands and is inhabited, became the home of Uncle Felix after a new home (the Hopper's old house) was moved to the site by Peter for his family a few acres away.

Growing up on the farm was a great source of pride and fond memories for Annie. She remembered wonderful times with her siblings Mary, Margaret, and Pete (Jr.) in the warm and loving home the Seguljas built for their children. Annie also remembered the friends and neighbors that settled the valley with them. "Even during the depression," she recalled, "we had all we needed." It seems that Johana's chickens and milk cows and Peter's livestock kept them and some of their neighbors fed even in the roughest times.

Annie attended the elementary schools of Gadsen. She spoke only Hravatski--the language of Croatians living in what was then Jugoslavia--when she entered kindergarten. English came quickly for her and she went on to do well in school and to excel in sports. Once she and her sisters and brother had entered highschool, they rode the school bus an hour each way to Yuma. Sports, especially softball, were the highlight of her high school years--garnering outstanding female athlete honors at Yuma High School.

Annie went on to college at Arizona State at Tempe, where she earned a degree in Physical Education and an elementary teaching credential. She remembered a pesky coed who whistled at her outside her dorm. . .she began teaching 1st grade in Somerton, Arizona and continued writing to her war-time pen pal, to whom her college roommate had introduced. When she finally met him in person, the pesky whistler from college, who had gone off to become a sailor, became her husband. Annie married Jack Hansen in 1950.

Annie and Jack settled in Lakeside, California. Annie taught school for a couple of more years and then retired to raise her two daughters Paula (born 1953) and Johanna (born 1957). Jack worked for Pacific Telephone Company.

Annie was a full time mom and homemaker. She was active in PTA and helped with all of her daughters' activities. She sewed, crocheted, cooked, baked, painted decorative ceramics, and most of all, she loved to play bridge. In later years she worked as Johanna's assistant in her art studio doing base coat painting and tying ribbons to finished pieces.

Annie had many friends and family who loved her dearly. She was down to earth, witty, funny, sometimes naughty, and always ready for an adventure. Annie loved a good joke. . .she kept joke notes in her purse!

Jack Hansen, husband of Annie Segulja Hansen, was born in 1925 to Frederic Alexander and Bessie Lovelady Hansen in Globe, Arizona. he had one sister, Dixie Lee. he lived in Globe and Ramona, California until he was 12 when his parents split. Jack went back to Arizona with his father while Dixie went with her mother.

Jack and "Fred" lived in several mining camps following Fred's work as a miner, and when the camp had no school, Jack stayed with numerous friends and relatives. He has fond memories of many great people and experiences from this period of his life.

Two great sources of joy in Annie's life were her two grandsons, Dustin and Elden. She was a hands-on grandma: on the floor, in the mud, in the back seat, in a tree, wherever the boys wanted to take her, she'd go! "Gram" to Dustin and "GaGa" to Elden was an assertive shopper when it came to getting those hard to find toys on their birthday and Christmas lists.

Annie passed away on December 5, 1996 of heart failure. Her death was sudden and unexpected and she is greatly missed by her loved ones.

Annie and Jack had two children, Paula and Johanna.

Johanna and Paula Hansen-

He attended high school in Tempe, Arizona until he joined the US Navy in 1943. He trained to be a storekeeper and was stationed in Guadalcanal and the Marshal Islands. (The fortunes of war found him on landing craft during the battles of the Pacific). After a 4 year hitch, he enrolled at Arizona State, Tempe where he was the "pesky whistler"--whistling at Annie Segulja outside West Hall.

crew pic The Eversole Jack left college after a semester of feeling "too confined" and went to work for Southwestern Portland Cement Company in Victorville, California. Soon, he re-enlisted in the Navy for another 4 years. He trained as a radarman (pictured left) and served on the USS Eversole DD789 (pictured right) and USS Edmonds DE 406.

A year before finishing his second hitch, Jack met his pen pal who was a young first grade teacher from Arizona. Upon meeting, he realized that he'd known her before. As Jack tells it, he'd wait outside her dorm, West Hall, and whistle at her as she walked by. She'd just stick her nose in the air and walk faster. They were married within the year!

Jack and Annie moved to the San Diego area while he finished out his hitch when the Korean War broke out. He was assigned to the USS Edmonds and sent to Korea. After seeing him off, the new bride drove home to Yuma and spent her time feeding a new crop of steers until he returned.

Jack then began working for Pacific Telephone. He worked as a lineman, installer, surveyor, and PBX (business phone) installer during his 32 years of service.

Jack spent the first years of his retirement with his loving wife Annie. Their favorite recreation was frequent trips to Laughlin, Nevada for poker, slot machines, and prime rib. He also spent time tending his yard and orchard.

In 1994 Jack spent an entire year building a new art studio for Johanna. It is 610 square feet with bathroom, display area and a huge stained glass window. "I always wanted to build something big," he always said. He'd practiced years earlier with a playhouse, sheds, laundry room and barn!

Jack still stays busy tending his property, keeping daughter's woodpiles stocked and in order, helping Johanna and her many wild projects and keeping in touch with family and friends.

In the photo, below, Annie's husband, Jack Hansen relishes the victory in "capturing" the coveted "Lardass Trophy" for being the heaviest at the Christmas weigh-in.

gracious losers and former winners all, include Pete Segulja to the left
and Michael and Nathan Pottorff to the right.

Sadly, we lost Jack 28 September 2003.

Paula Paula, seen at left, days before her 7th birthday, was born in 1953. She grew up in Lakeside, attended El Capitan High School, was first runner-up in the Miss Lakeside contest, entered the medical/clerical field and had a son, Dustin Michael Berg, during her marriage to Robert Berg.

Paula still works in the medical field, although she has moved into the arena of cyberspace, performing tasks on her home computer.

Paula also raises wild turkeys that fly around the neighborhood, cause traffic jams, and feed the local coyote population.

Paula is now married to John Klema.

Paula and John live in their parents former home, across the street from "Aunt Ma," Margaret Segulja Pottorff.

recent pic j-p in gadsden Today Paula (posing left at the Marine Corps ball with John and right with John in front of Felix's adobe) lives in Lakeside, raises chickens, cats, and roses, fending off hungry illegal aliens, coyotes, and water shortages that occur in her town.

Paula enjoys a wide variety of pursuits from touring to catfishing. In 1980, she hooked up with John Klema, and made it official in 1993. Their household includes six cats and one dog. John is a master mechanic, enjoys hunting and fishing, and is a good person to know (if you must own a motor vehicle)

After many years bending wrenches himself, John has secured a supervisorial position with the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs.

Paula fishing in the Imperial Valley

Above, view Paula's son, Dustin in his soccer days, and more recently following a successful rabbit hunt. Dustin went on to be an accomplished offroad bicyclist. Dustin also enjoys fishing and hunting, particularly bowhunting.

Today, Dustin works for the Rhodes Landscape in Temecula Ca.

On September 8th 2007, Dustin took Debbie Rendall , born October 17th 1970, as his bride. Dustin brings not only Debbie under the shade of the family tree but two daughters, Kaitlyn Callegher born June 23th 2001, and Meghann Callegher, born August 12th 1999. Debbie is a Math Teacher at Fallbrook high school, where she also chairs the Math Dept. Board.

The wedding was held outdoors in Valley Center on September 8th 2007

Debbie's daughters performed admirably as flower girls, while the role or ring bearer was performed by Dustin's God Son Jason Jr. Mulick. Glowing smiles, led by Dustin, were abundant.

A poolside side buffet, a hired disc jockey, and blue skies capped off a perfect day

Friends and relatives, that had not seen one another for a while, marvelled at how old everyone else had gotten.

Sunny Lane--the street where Margaret and Annie Segulja's family's grew up, was well represented

wedding inthepoolPaula's version After a 3 year romance Dustin Berg, the son of Paula Hansen Klema, grandson of Annie Segulja (Hansen) Great Grandson of Petar and Johanna Segulja and great great grandson of Roko Ivan Segulja married the love of his life Debbie Randall in the presence of her daughters Meghan and Kaitlyn on Sept 8th 2007 at 5:30 in Valley Center, CA.

Also in attendance were Dustin's great Aunt Margaret (Segulja) Pottorff (aka Aunt Maw), Aunt Johanna Hansen and Uncle Mike Pottorff, Toni Reynolds (Mary Segulja Kriskovich's daughter and many wonderful friends. It had a surprise ending when Dustin's "compadres" threw him in the pool and mama Paula jumped in to save her only son. It was a wonderful time. Debbie was a beautiful bride.

Note of interest: Dustin beamed throughout the ceremony, caring little that he fell a few months short of the 35 year mark--a record eclipsed by his Uncle Mike by 18 days.

At right, view the groom and his mother in the pool! Folklore has it that Paula was rescuing her son.

Some felt that if Paula thought that if Dustin could "take the plunge," so could she.

Still others blamed the alcohol

JF and DonJohanna, shown left with husband Don Whisman, was born in 1957 in Lakeside, California. She attended Lakeside Schools, El Capitan High School, Grossmont College, and San Diego State University. She earned a degree in Art and a Teaching Credential.

Johanna taught middle school art in El Centro, California for five years, and then in Lakeside at Tierra del Sol Middle School. it was here, in 1987, that she met and married Don Whisman, the science teacher.

In 1993, Johanna retired from teaching to raise their new son, Elden James Whisman, and to be a full time artist.

Johanna currently exhibits her ceramic sculpture in several galleries throughout the Western United States. To view Johanna's art, click here.

Above, view Johanna and Don's son, Elden

fast forward to his Freshman Year and he is slamming tennis balls