Anton Maricic, b. 16 June 1911, was the second of Genevieve's three sons. He. . .

Anton followed many other Croats' footsteps in traveling to New Zealand, ultimately emigrating there. He married Margaret Kabalin (b. 19 January 1915) and had Boris (b. 24 Nov 1944) , Erena (8 Sept 1952), Margaret (19 Aug 1943), and Ivan (13 Feb 1941), who reside in New Zealand. Ivan has, subsequently, moved to Australia's Gold Coast.

Margaret Kabalin Maricic and Anton Maricic

View members of Ivan's family.

from left, Ivan's daughter, Janine, his wife Antonette (Rastonich),
his brother Boris, and Ivan. (Not pictured, is daughter Sonia, who was away during Margaret Segulja Pottorff's visit when this photo was taken--see photo below).

Recent Maricic Ivan was born in Taumaranui, New Zealand. For years he worked in the family's retail business in Tokaanu. In 1968, he relocated to Auckland, where he was a Restauranteur for 5 years. In 1969, he married Antonette Rastonich (who had three siblings: Steve, Denis, and Mark).

In 1972, he secured a position as a commissioned salesman for wholesale hardware merchants--he was self employed as such for 16 years. In 1972 and 1973, his daughters Janine and Sonya were born.

In 1988, the family emigrated to Australia's Gold Coast, where Ivan runs a property maintenance business, catering to the tourist and private sector.

Antonette was qualified as a general maternity nurse, then as an R.N. in Private Surgical Hospitals. After 1969, she became Ivan's business partner as well.

Janine studied Accountancy and Business Principles at the University, gaining qualification in 1994. She is now employed with Harvey Normans' Ltd., in the Computer Section.

Sonya is employed by a Macadamia Nut exporter--sending nuts to America.

anton.  . . erinanmargay At left, another picture of Anton, with Nat and Boris. At right, view daughter Erena, seated with Margaret Segulja Pottorff and Mara Maricic. Erena Veronika b. 1952 married Brian Thomson. Erena lives in Auckland. Sadly, we recently lost Boris.

Erena and Brian

Boris Nicholas Leopold (b. 24 Nov 1945 d. 18 Dec 1999 Auckland, N.Z.) remained single, until his untimely death by cancer.

Anton's daughter, Margaret Mary b. 1943, married Ivan (John) Aleksich in 1966. They have three children: Helen Margaret b. 1967 in Taumaranui, N.Z., Nickolas Joseph b. 1969 Taumaranui, N.Z., and Jason John b. 1970 Taumaranui, N.Z.. I think Margaret lives in Taumaranui. Below, view Margaret, mother Mara, and father Anton on Anton's 80th birthday.

Nickolas writes

My wife is Jennifer Aleksich (nee Stone), 3rd generation Kiwi of English/Irish extraction

Our daughter is Alana, born 15 Sep 2006.

I am General Manager and Company Director of Mills Reef Winery in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Apart from that the family here in NZ hasnít grown, my brother and sister are still unmarried and childless, although my brother has a partner for 6-7 years now.