(left) Blaza with her brother Danijel and sister Marija and (right) older sister Marija and Blazenka

Blazenka married Stefan Spoja (b. 25 May 1928 d. 2 February 2008) and had a daughter, Visnja.

from left, view Visnja's husband Milan, Visnja (Blazanka's daughter) Asja (Blaza's granddaughter) Dejan (Blaza's grandson), Blazenka herself, and Franjo (a friend of Milan)

Visnja was born March 24, 1955 in Ogulin--she is a medical doctor. Her husband, Milan Mrdja, b. 5 May 1952, is an economist. Their son, Dejan was born February 18 1981 in Ogulin and attends secondary school in Rijeka. Their daughter Asja was born 1 October 1983.

Asja, Visnja, Mica, Blazenka Mike and Asja Asja notes (2001):
I live in Rijeka with my mother, brother and grandparents. I attend a secondary school (3rd year). Dejan is now in army and mother works in Ogulin.

At left, view Asja, Visnja, Mica Segulja, and Blazenka during a visit by Margaret Segulja Pottorff and her son Mike (Feb. 2002). At right, view Mike and Asja.

Above, view Blazenka Segulja Spoja, her cousin Margaret Segulja Pottorff, and her daughter Visnja Spoja Mrdja during Margaret's Feb. 2002 visit.

Dejan's family!

Welcome Dominik Mrdja
To the left, view Asja's new nephew, Dominik Mrdja. To the right, view proud mother Lana (nee Fluksi) and her mother in law (2nd cousin Visnja) going for a stroll along the shore of Novi Vinodolski
Lana and "baba" Visnja walking baby Dominik along the shore of our ancestral home, Novi Vinodolski. Visnja is second cousin to all Arizona and Texas Seguljas, Argentine Sokolics, Kiwi and Aussie Maricics (and the rest of the family wreath)

Aunt Asja cradling her newborn nephew. Dominik

At left, view Asja with Dominik. At right, view new mother Lana, baby Dominik, and, proud father Dejan Mrdja (3rd cousin to Michael Segulja in Texas, Nick Aleksich in New Zealand, Luis Sokolic in Argentina, Marijana Antic in Africa (currently Belgium), Ryan Peck in California, and Janine Maricic in Australia.

Dejan's 1st "family picture."

Introducing the newborn Dominik Mrdja!