Chris, his uncle Pete, and brother Tom
at the farm in Gadsden, Arizona

Chris (Bozidor) was born 25 December 1911 during his parents' return trip to Novi. His father returned, but his mother opted to stay longer, only to be stranded by the outbreak of World War I. He was not able to return until 1920.

Chris was an accomplished athlete, winning many honors as a sprinter, until a medical condition cut that career short. After his own career was over, Chris became a virtual encyclopedia on the stats of other athletes.

Like many of the other Texas Seguljas, Chris spent a lot of time working on the Arizona Seguljas farm. At left, view at outing at Gadsden Park, in the 1930's, with Chris, members of the Arizona Seguljas, and some family friends.

From left, view Annie Segulja, Peter Segulja, Johana Segulja, Frank Loya (friend), Pete Segulja Jr. (front row), Exiquera/Mrs. Loya (sp?), Chris Shegulja, Angel Loya, and Margaret Segulja.

Eventually, Chris got into the liquor retail/distribution business, opening a store in Fabens, Texas. Chris married late in life, but that marriage to Maria Gayton (age 23) on 6/13/79 was cut short by his untimely death 21 March 1980.