Drago was Visko's youngest son, the product of his first marriage with Marija Zoricic. Below, view a photo of him with his brother Mathew and sister Kate.

Drago, Mathew, and Kate

Drago plaque in museum Drago was born on September 14th, 1920. During the Second World War, he was either taken by the Nazis for questioning, or, was called to duty--he never returned. Drago is listed as "Borci" in the Novi Vinodolski Museum, or killed in action. It remains unclear of what actually happened, though it appears relatively certain that he was killed. At left, view the only (albeit blurry) adult photo of Dragomir that I have been able to find, and, at right, view his name on the plaque (fourth line down) in the museum.

Research by Patrizia Socolich (April 2008) has determined that Dragomir, was recently confirmed to be among the thousands murdered by the Nazis at Jasenovac

Note: Drago's death was indeed confirmed, while in custody, but records show that he never made it to Jasenovac, if that was where the authorities meant to send him (emended 2016)

Drago (left) and dedication "to the only brother I have ever known" (right)

photo found in father's trunk by Mary Mudrovcic Posa, Auckland, New Zealand