contributions by
Karmen Antic, Suzi Devcic, and Robert Francem


Filipina's family includes her husband, Ivan Miletic, pictured below

Ivan Miletic and Filipina Maricic.

Ivan, a widower, had two children, Peter and Maruska.

this 1947 photo shows Ivan, his children--Peter and Maruska--and his children with
Filipina--Zeljka, Nikola, and Vinko.--The last daughter, Karmen, would not be born until 1950.

This photo shows the entire Miletic clan

from left: Vinko, Karmen, Nikola, Zeljka, Maruska, and Peter

Filipina was born in 1908. In 1937, she married a widower, Ivan Miletic. Ivan's children were Maruska, a three year old, and Petar, a small baby. Filipina gave birth to Zeljka in 1941, Nikola in 1944, Vinko in 1946, and Karmen in 1950.

Ivan was a stone mason/sculptor, carving stone memorials. At a young age, Ivan fell ill, leaving the family in dire straits. Other family members helped out.


Zeljka was born in 1941. She has two children: Biserka, (born 8/3/60), from her first marriage to Ivan Nekic (shown left) and Denis (born in 1970), from her second marriage to Josip Samal. Her marriage to Ivan Nekic ended in divorce while her marriage to Josip Samal ended in a 1979 traffic accident. Zeljka remarried, to ________ Serci, and, lived in Italy. Her husband died in 2002, and she has returned to Novi.

Biserka is employed as a chef and has two children Robert, born 30 July 1980 and Sylvia, born 1 September 1982. Biserka lives in Djakovo, Croatia and is married to Antun Francem born 14 September 1956. Antun, nicknamed "Toto" was a professional soccer (European Football player). Robert, her son, is studying Croatian and philosophy at the university. Denis, lives in Novi. in Croatia. Her daughter Sylvia has finished as a hairdresser.

Robert provides an update 1 June, 2008:

Dear Mike,

I'm very glad that you are still gathering updates for family tree and I'm so sorry for my small contribution. From time to time I'll try to send you a new information. My only problem is of technical nature. For my internet connection is still dial-up and I'm not sure when I will get dsl or other faster connection. I promise you that I'll give my best to inform you about all I know.

I don't have any of the email addresses that you've asked but I'm not sure that they have them at all. This basketball season I'm not playing because I've been working on my diploma. On 25th April, 2008. I have married Filipa and we will have a baby at the end of September this year. This is quite brief and concise but next time it will be better.
My best wishes!


Below, view Robert and new daughter, Iva.

Filipa, baby Iva, and Robert

Baby Iva, cradled by Filipa

Daddy's little girl!
Iva and Robert

Above, view Biserka (Nekic) Francem with her daughter Sylvia

To the right, view Denis's family. At the extreme left is his Aunt Karmen, his mother Zeljka, Denis himself (holding Marija-Magdalena) and at the extreme right, his wife Milena. Denis and Milena have another daughter, Antonela, born 25, January 2003.


Nikola was born in 1943 and lives in Novi. He is a carpenter. He is married to Ivanka Mazuranic Miletic, who was employed as a shop assistant. Both are retired and live in Novi. They have a son Dalibor, born in 1967, who is employed as an electrotechnician in the ship industry, and, they have a daughter, Diana, who was born in 1974. Note: The image of Ivan Mazuranic, the first non-aristocrat to be named Ban (Viceroy), appears on the 100 kuna note--he was associated with the Church of St. Vitus in Rijeka.


GUESS WHAT? You (Mike and all my 1st and 2nd cousins including Nikola) were also related to the BAN 3 times closest 3rd cousin 4 times removed Boris was his 4th cousin 4 times removed

Nikola Miletich was related twice to him 3rd cousin 4 times removed closest.

His wife--Ivanka Mazuranich Miletich- dont know her parents & grandparents so don't have her tied in I guess you need to do some more investigating


Photos of Nikola's family:

Ivanka Mazuranic Miletic and Nikola Miletic

Dalibor and Ivanka

Dalibor just to the left of center, practicing their own Mesopust celebration.

Dijana Miletic in center, flanked by two friends in Belgrade.


Vinko was born 29 April 1946, and worked as a baker until an allergy to flour caused him to switch professions to that of an electrician. He is married to Milica (Milka) Miletic--she was born 10 June 1948 and is employed as a hairdresser. They have two children Lari and Nikol. Lari was born 3 April 1973 and is in the thermoinsulation business, while Nikol, b. 10 December 1979, has completed school and is ____________. Vinko now lives in Vinko Segulja's house,which has now been completely renovated, after which, he inherited from his namesake, in Novi Vinidolski. For a while, Vinko moved to Koln Germany where he lived for 30 years.

Vinko and Milica were married on 20 September 1971.

View from left to right, Lari Miletic, Nikol Miletic, Milica Miletic, Jadranka Sokolic, and Vinko Miletic.

Segulja cousins cavorting with Mudrovcic cousins
back row, Nikol Miletic, Mariyana Antic, and Sylvia Francem
front row, Marin Sokolic, and Sasa Sokolic

Lari, in his service uniform at left, and at home at right

Above, view Nikol and Vinko Miletic.


hubert AND karmen marijanaKarmen, the youngest, married Hubert Antich (left). They had a son Dominic, who was lost in a tragic car accident in 1981, at the age of 7. The family sought to escape that memory and the lack of opportunity in the (former) communist Yugoslavia. They emigrated to Zambia, in Central Africa, where their daughter Marijana (right) was born in 1982. Soon the corruption of the Zambian politics saw them flee to South Africa, which was in the middle of its own strife. The family then emigrated to New Zealand. With normalcy and economic opportunity restored in South Africa, the family has returned. Hubert works as a master plumber (certified in Croatia, New Zealand, and South Africa) while Karmen is a baker, specializing in confections.

karmen & marijana marijana2At left, view Karmen, her sister's Maruska's daughter Sonja, her son Niksa, and, her daughter Susana's daughter, Emma, and Marijana during a visit to Croatia following Marijana's piano studies in Austria. At right, view Marijana's graduation picture.

Above, view Dominic, whom we lost in a tragic accident at age 8.


View Maruska and Zeljka in their Novljani costumes

View Maruska and Vinko Devcic on their wedding day

View Vinko and Maruska and granddaughter Emma in July 2002

by Karmen Antic

Sonja & Bojan SuzanaMaruska was born in October 1934. Her parents were Marija Cvitkovic and father (also my father) Ivan Miletic. At the age of three Maruska's mother died of tuberculosis, leaving her and her brother Peter who was only a year old at the time. Their father Ivan Miletic remarried my mother Filipina Maricic. My mother adored Maruska and her small brother and all of us brothers and sisters grew up in a very loving family.

Maruska is a seamstress. At the age of 21 she married Vinko Devcic, he was born and raised in Starigrad. Vinko is by trade a machine fitter, his whole life he worked in a steel factory called "Rikard Bencic" as a supervisor, in Rijeka.

They have two daughters, Sonja (left) born 27 February 1956 and Susana (right) 14 February 1963. Maruska worked in a hotel/restaurant but has retired. They now live in Klenovica by the sea and work with tourists during the summer.

Sonja married Bojan Franciskovic and they have one son called Niksa. Bojan is an officer in the Navy and he is always traveling around the world. Sonja worked as a secretary but now she stays at home. View Sonja, at right with her Aunt Karmen who was visiting from South Africa in July 2002. They live in Rijeka.

Niksa studies computers and robotics at Padova University in Italy. He is 22 (as of 5 Feb 2008)

Niksa, with cousin Emma, and cousin one generation removed Mariyana Antic, visiting from South Africa

Susana has a degree in fine art. She married Steve Fish (an English guy). They have one daughter Emma, born 25 October, 1996. Steve is an engineer in the shipping industry and he works in Trieste (Italy). Susana works for a travel agency and does art in her spare time. Suzi now lives in Kastav.

These pictures were taken in February 2002 during
Margaret Segulja Pottorff, and son Michael's visit.
View Margaret, Suzi, and Michael

a chicken pox recovering Emma, same trip

Suzy and Mike on the slopes of Mt. Palomar
during her 2008 visit


Peter Miletic and his wife Barica in Karlovac, 1957

bio by Suzi Devcic

Peter Miletic was born 1 November 1936, in Klenovica near Novi Vinodolski, died March 9, 2008 in Karlovac

After his father had married Filipina, the family moved to Novi Vinodolski where Peter spend his childhood and finished elementary school.

After finishing school in Novi, he went to Zagreb and was trained to be a train driver. He worked as a train driver in Zagreb and later in Karlovac, where he met his future wife Barica. They got married in 1957. Their first son Zeljko was born in 1958.

Shortly after that, the family moved to Argentina to live with Peter's uncle who was a wine producer. Peter and his wife worked on his vineyards but as Barica wasn't too happy with the life abroad, they came back to Croatia in 1964.

Peter started working for Croatian railways where he worked until retiring some 5 years ago. His wife worked as a shop assistant. They have another son Damir who was born in 1966. Both sons fought in the war against Serbs and remained working for the Croatian army after the war finished. They are both married and live in Karlovac.

Tragically, Zeljko was killed in a hunting accident during a period of poor visability on October 21, 2006.

After his retirement, Peter and Barica moved to live in the countryside in the village close to Karlovac where they live quiet country lives.