Giorgio Socolich

Dear cousin Mike,

I also found someone who speaks English better than I do. Having some help from one of our waitresses, I can finally answer in English. I am glad to get in contact with you and I was very pleased that you already had the chance to have a look at my website. Concerning your question whether I can send you a digital file, I have to admit that I am not so much into computers. Therefore, I am going to send you a cd of my band via regular mail. For the moment I attach 2 pictures of me and my wife, taken today in and in front of our restaurant. It would be great if you could answer to this e-mail account in the future. The other one is a bit older and the computer that belongs to it keeps acting strange : )

I am looking forward to keep in touch with you!
So long, best regards
from Giorgio

Giorgio and his wife, Karin (nee Steinhardt) behind the bar with a sign greeting me

Giorgio and Karin on the other side of the bar, enjoying their
restaurant, no doubt the venue for many Tutti-Colori concerts

If you are ever wandering the streets of Germany,
but swear you are in Italy, as you hear Italian music,
perhaps you are hearing the strains of Croatian
cousin Giorgio Socolich's, (on guitar) German Italian trio, Tutti Colori!