Jack Hansen

6 January 1925 -- 28 September 2003

Jack Winning the Coveted Lardass Trophy at the Christmas Weigh-In
(left--Pete Segulja Jr., immediate right--Michael Pottorff, far right--Nathan Pottorff)
Goodby Jack

Jack Hansen

Jack Hansen, husband of Annie Segulja Hansen, was born in 1925 to Frederic Alexander and Bessie Lovelady Hansen in Globe, Arizona. He had one sister, Dixie Lee. he lived in Globe and Ramona, California until he was 12 when his parents split. Jack went back to Arizona with his father while Dixie went with her mother.

Jack and "Fred" lived in several mining camps following Fred's work as a miner, and when the camp had no school, Jack stayed with numerous friends and relatives. He has fond memories of many great people and experiences from this period of his life.

He attended high school in Tempe, Arizona until he joined the US Navy in 1943. Jack, a veteran of both WWII and Korea, was blessed by the fortunes of war. Stationed on a large ship and assigned to the ship's store, Jack held a relatively safe position. But, the success of the Japanese in sinking large American ships and the advent of the Kamikaze suicide planes gave one of Jack's "buddies" the idea to volunteer both Jack and himself for "small craft duty," figuring driving water taxis or tugboats to be the safer job. As it happened, the "small crafts" turned out to be landing crafts and Jack found himself, under heavy fire, piloting boatloads of Marines to some of the bloodiest beachheads in the Battle of the Pacific. . .and taking fire as he ferried surviving wounded to hospital ships and aid stations. While Jack and his buddy both survived their transfers from the battlefield frying pan into the battlefield fire, the same cannot be said for the ship they left, which was, indeed, attacked by Kamikaze bombers. Jack and Annie moved to the San Diego area while he finished out his hitch when the Korean War broke out. He was then assigned to the USS Edmonds and sent to Korea.

Annie and Jack had two children, Paula and Johanna.

Jack then began working at Pacific Telephone. He worked as a lineman, installer, surveyor, and PBX (business phone) installer during his 32 years of service, making many lifelong friends in the process.

Jack spent the first years of his retirement with his loving wife Annie. Their favorite recreation was frequent trips to Laughlin, Nevada for poker, slot machines, and prime rib. He also spent time tending his yard and orchard.

Annie passed away on December 5, 1996 of heart failure. Later, Jack remarried Betty Kopperud, and, together they enjoyed travelling and the company of their extended family

Jack enjoyed travelling throughout the Southwest, strumming his guitar, hunting, fishing, and entertaining his grandsons, Paula's son Dustin and Johanna's son Elden. His retirement found him helping his daughters--Johanna's Art Studio stands as testament.

He will be sorely missed by all.