Adalbert Jezic & Marija Dobric
with major contributions by
Boris Jezic & Tamara Jezic Rao
Mira Krpan, Martina Baznik
Milena Jezic Martinovic

Adalbertus Jezic & Marija Dobric

1 +Elizabeta Lucia Jezic b: 7 November 1891 Novi Vinodolski, Croatia m: 26 November 1911 d: 27 October 1972 Rijeka +Mile Sojat b: Abt 1885 d: Bef 1922
2 Josip Sojat b: 1912 d: 1996
2 Mila Sojat b: 11 December 1913 +Vinko Uravic b: 25 September 1906 m: 25 July 1937
3 Tomo Uravic b: 1 April 1937 d: 13 February 1982 +Katica (Beba) ??? b: 14 May 1938 m: 1 December 1962
4 Maja Uravic b: 20 June 1964 +Zoran Mrak b: 4 August 1964 m: 18 June 1988
5 Branimir Mrak b: 1 February 1990
5 Tomislav Mrak b: 28 July 1995
4 Alenka Uravic b: 5 June 1967 +Bojan Rustja b: 6 February 1966 m: 5 November 1994
5 Damjan Rustja b: 25 February 1996
4 Kristina Uravic b: 8 April 1971
4 Damir Uravic b: 7 July 1972
4 Vinko Uravic b: 3 May 1976
3 Maja Uravic b: 19 December 1941 Andrija Kastelan b: 30 October 1934 m: 15 September 1963
4 Zeljko Kastelan b: 17 May 1964 +Snjezana Karaula b: 27 August 1968 m: 8 May 1995
5 Ursula Kastelan b: 25 August 1995
5 Andrija Kastelan b: 30 November 1996
4 Marija (Nana) Kastelan b: 14 August 1965 +Nenad Hlaca b: 27 February 1958 m: 3 October 1992
5 Nika Hlaca b: 24 April 1993
5 Ana Hlaca b: 24 October 1995
4 Darko Kastelan b: 19 April 1968 +Katarina Simunovich b: 30 August 1967 m: 3 September 1994
5 Marko Kastelan b: 14 January 1996
4 Tomo Kastelan b: 11 August 1971
4 Andrijana Kastelan b: 11 October 1985
3 Miljenko Uravic b: 14 March 1945 +Branka Vukelic b: 27 February 1944 m: 28 April 1973
4 Iva Uravic b: 14 August 1980
4 Niko Uravic b: 20 June 1982
3 Nikica Uravic b: 4 December 1948

Ivan Bonifacije Anton b. 5 June 1893, m. 23-11-1924, d. 17-07-1945) m. Zora R. or Jelka Vukusic b. 10 April, 1904 d.__________1969 (Per Dragan via Tamara--Ivan Jezic, the elder brother of my grandfather Vladimir, was beaten by the Italian paramilitaries. he was suspected to have been helping Tito's people against the Germans and Italians. He died of renal failure. So maybe he sustained renal injuries in the beatings? (This being the answer to question of how a beating prior to the Italian's retreat in 1943 could result in a death in 1945) Commemorating Ivan's murder, at the hands of the brownshirts is this plaque, displayed in the Novi museum.
Adalbert Konrad Ivan (Arbic), 26 November 1925 m. Milka Kalanj b__________________on 20 December 1954
Robert b. 1955
Architect of the recovery of the petrochemical giant

Robert Jezic is on the best path to turning the previously devastated Dioki into a regional petrochemical giant. Jezic is doing this discretely. Even though he is the owner, he rarely appears in the media and is rarely seen in the public because that is all done by his managers. But, Jezic stands behind everything which is happening in Dioki. The recovery of Dioki is important for two reasons: that company is one of the largest exporters, and deals with the production of materials without which life today would become unbearable, such as plastics and rubber. Experts with unique knowledge in the field have started returning after the recovery of the petrochemical industry in Croatia, because they were formerly forced to leave the country during the 1990’s. This year, Jezic started a large investment cycle in Dioki; he spent €18 million in the modernization of the facilities on the island of Krk, and he plans to invest another €65 million over the next three years. In the same period, Dioki will employ 600 workers. Jezic entered the world of international business with help from his job as a skipper which he did as a student. As he claimed, that job brought him many contacts with business people. That is how he became the director of the Philipp Brothers office in 1985, and went to Milan in 1989 to the Petraco company where he became director of the petrochemical department. From 1992 until 2004, he worked for the Swiss Landmark Chemichals and worked mostly with the company which he owns today.

Tomislav Josip Aleksander b. 26 Feb, 1927 m. Marinka R. Vukelic b._________ on 26 October 1951

Ljerka I. Hendrik

Ivan Anton b. 27 March 1928 m. Mladenka Segota b. __________ on ____________
2 April 1953 Had:
Zoran b. _________1953 (check these)

Milan Rude b. 25 September 1929 d. 4 June. 1933
Martin b. 31 October, 1930 d. 31 October, 1930
Marija-Beba b. 10 October 1931 m. Nikola Bozic b. _____________
Rajko b._______________
Vesna b.____________ m. _____________ Zavidovic b._____________

Ante Predrag b. 19 February 1934 m. Danka Ivkovic b. ____________ on 25 March 1978
Zlatko Stanko b.16 July 1935 m. Dragica Grubisic
Koraljka b.______________
Blanka b. _______________

Branka b.16 December 1936 d._______________1937
Radojka b. ____________1941 (Herbolt) m. Ivan Jandrek
Dubravka Jandrek
Josip Miroslav b.31 March 1943 m. Stefica ______________ b.__________________ on_____________\

Miljenko b. 8 September 1945 m. Stanka Markovic b.5 November 1958 on 6 December 1981
Velimir b. 18 September 1983
Milena b. 26 April 1985 m. Filip Martinovic b. 3 January 1980

Newlyweds greet the world

The ceremony begins. . .

Listening carefully!

A wedding toast!

Milena and Filip have a son!--He was born on 14/12/2013 in the Clinical Center in Podgorica, the boy and called Ognjen!.

Paulina Marija Rozalija b. 29 September 1894 m. 08-06-1919 d.23-02-1930 (another source says death 1933) m. Josip Kriskovic

Mihovil b.20 September 1921, d.September 1968 m.Durdica Ankica Kriskovic b. 1923 d.1941

Marija (Maruska) Kriskovic b. 24 February 1920 d. 28 December 1985 m. Franc Baznik b. 7 August 1920 d. 10 April 1993 married in 1949
Ratko b. 2 May 1949 d. 19 April 1990 married Jasminka Oblacic b. 13 April 1954 Mar. 13 October 1978
Ivica b. 27 December 1979

Vojko b. 6 October 1951 m. Drazenka Wintersteiger b. 24 April 1952 on 11 August 1973.
Martina b. 6 February 1975
Hrvoje b. 20 October 1978
Bojan b. 18 July 1981

Mira Kriskovic b. 25 July 1925 m. Ivan Biondic b. 28 March 1925 d. 26 April 2000
Dubravka Paula b. 28 October 1949 m. Petar Evic 10 July 1948
Ivana b. 31 May 1978. m. Kristijan Vuradin b .02 August 1978.
Vito b. 10 January 2010
Matko b. 13 November 1988.

Vesna Marija b. 25 January 1952. m. Josip Pino Milevoj b. 03 April 1949.
Marija b. 19 February 1981.
Ivan b. 07 February 1985.

Zeljko Josip b. 24 March 1954. m. Olga Grbesic b. 21 September 1954.
Ivana b. 25 July 1979. m. Kruno Simatovic b. 06 October 1976.
Jakov b. 25 April 2007.
Tin b. 26 June 2009.

Zeljka b. 12. May 1985.

Nada Kriskovic b. 25 July 1928.

Vladimir (Vladko) Simun b. 14 Dec 1895 m. 21-07-1924 d. 09-03-1944 m. Olga Maria Staudt b. 23. April 1907 in Stare Pazowe / Alt Pazova

Vladimir "Budika" 1936
1936 Photo to the left

Left to right
Grandgrandma Maria "Baka" Staudt, b. 11. March 1888 as Huff Father Vladimir "Budika"
Grandma Olga Maria Jezic
Grandpa Vladimir "Vladko"
Uncle Dragan "Deko"
And Grandgrandpa Mr. Staudt

And the c. 1955 photo to the right
My uncle Dragan "Deko" Jezic
My father Vladimir "Budika"

Dragan and Vladimir Jezic


Vladimir "Budika" Josip Zlatko Nikola b. 19 May 1932 in Zemun m. m. Barbara Babette Hilde Just (aka "Barbara Just" )24. January 1942 in Barcelona in 1968, div 1984
Natascha Carla Diane Just b. 02 March 1969 in Darmstadt
Boris Patrick Vladimir Jezic b. 28. August 1970 in Darmstadt m. Claudia Giagnorio b. 13. September 1974 in Stuttgart

Leon Angelo b. 02. April 2000 in Ludwigsburg
Zoe Elena b. 01. April 2004 in Stuttgart
Sergej Christopher Just b. 02. February 1972 in Heerlen/NL Sergej played on the German National Basketball team in 1989!
Tatjana Maria Olga Jezic b. 26. April 1974 in Heerlen/NL. Tatjana works for the German division of Hewlett-Packard.

Dragan-Deco b. 23 April 1930 m. Diane Peacock b. 1942 d. 1989 (1st wife) 2nd wife Vesna Knapp Tomazic in 1996. She has a daughter Vlatka Tomazic, who is my (Tamara's) stepsister and my dad's stepdaughter.

Tamara, Dragan, Andrew, and Diane


Andrew b. 1967 married Amal Bertrand b. on 3 September 2006

Andrew and Amal's wedding day

Andrew V. Jezic
Lawyer in Wheaton, Maryland
Jezic, Krum and Moise LLC.
Andrew V. Jezic practices in the following areas of law: Criminal Defense; Medical Malpractice; Personal Injury

Admitted: 1995, Maryland; 1997, District of Columbia, U.S. District Court, District of Maryland and U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

Law School: University of Maryland, J.D., 1994

College: Georgetown University, B.A., 1989

Member: Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County and Maryland State Bar Associations; The District of Columbia Bar; Maryland Hispanic Bar (Member, Board of Directors, 1998—).

Biography: Co-Author: "Maryland Law of Confessions," Thomson/West, 2003-2006. Assistant State's Attorney: Anne Arundel County, 1995-1999; Montgomery County, 1999-2003.

Languages: Spanish and German

Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 29, 1967

Tamara b. 1970 m. Anand Rao b. 1970 in 2005. Anand is a professor at the University of Mary Washington here in Fredericksburg.
Sebastian Rao b. 2006
Tirzah Rao b. 1997 step daughter, mother's name is Laura Coutcher
Siddhartha Rao b. 1999, stepson, mother's name is Laura Coutcher

Tamara and Anand's wedding
Amal Bertrand, Andrew Jezic, Vlatka Tomazic, Anand Rao, Tamara Jezic, Vesna Jezic, Dragan Jezic

Hi Mike, Here is a photo my family from April 2008.
From left to right, kids are Tirzah, Siddhartha, and Sebastian.
Parents are Anand and Tamara

Tamara joined Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen in 2007 and works in the firm’s Fredericksburg office. Previously, she practiced law for eight years as a public interest human rights attorney, first as an attorney in Ecuador where she focused on the rights of indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and later as an attorney with the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, where she concentrated on representing people with physical and mental disabilities. Most recently, Tamara worked at Women Empowered Against Violence, Inc. (WEAVE) representing victims of domestic violence who lived in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Her areas of special interest included immigration and family law. As a trial attorney at Allen and Allen, Tamara concentrates on personal injury law. She is an outstanding advocate who champions her clients’ legal rights. Having lived and worked in Spanish-speaking countries for more than three years, Tamara is a fluent Spanish speaker who enjoys speaking Spanish with Allen and Allen’s Hispanic clients.

Sebastian acts as the catalyst for a photo shoot of Dragan's current household.

At left--Dragan and Sebastian on Mother's day
At right--Vesna and Sebastian on Mother'Day
At left--Vlatka, the dutiful aunt, and Sebastian on Mother's day
At right--Vlatka, the Assistant State's attorney for Montgomery County, MD.--at work

Katarina b. 26 Nov 1897 d. 1 July 1898
Josip Adalberto b. 1 Apr 1899 d. 08-09-1981 m. Olga Janjatovic (Per Tamara. via Dragan) Josip the elder (my grandfather's brother) was a biology professor at a veterinary graduate school in Sarajevo.

Milan, 25 September, 1949 m. ____________________ b. 20 November, 1949

President at Chamber of Commerce Belgium-Luxembourg South-EastEurope
Managing Director at VGGroup

Managing Director, China at Hamon
Managing Director, Iraq at Energoinvest

University of Phoenix
University of Oxford
Univerzitet u Sarajevu

Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, President, lives in Brussels, Belgium

Milan Jezic von Gesseneck’s Summary

• Technical background including Research and innovation approach followed permanently in over 30 years of the professional career.
• Extensive organizational skills gained by establishing companies, joint ventures (in manufacturing and engineering), associations and representative offices world wide.
• Experienced in communication skills (presentations, lectures, discussions, negotiations) gained both through business development and the project management and through organization of the conferences and workshops

Milan Jezic von Gesseneck’s Specialties:
Engineering, Contracting, Consulting, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Renewable Energies, Environment, Industry, SME, Transport infrastructure, Rural, Agro, Tourism, Trade and Commerce, Governance, EU policy, Enlargement, Expertise and Experts, International cooperation, EU funded projects; EuropeAid projects, Logistic support, FDI, Investments, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Missions, Research and Development, Innovation, Implementation, Evaluation,

Gabriella b. 16 December, 1977 mar.___________ b. _________________ on________________ living in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Catherine Despina, March 4 2004
Anna Emily, May 30, 2005
Victoria Nikki, September 18, 2007
Lefteris Sebastian, September 18, 2007

Joseph b. 13 August 1988 and, again,

Dusan Makavejev

Milan Stjepan b. 17-08-00, d. 14-11-1900
Zora b. 08-10-1891 m. 11-11-1923, d. 21-06-1993 m. Rudolf Blaskovic b. 06-12-1900 d. ??-07-1987
Apolonija Anica 02-02-1903 d. 04-08-1903
Adalbert Remigij Roko b. 01-10-1904 d. 16-06-1908
Marija Roza Tonka b. 16-01-1907, m. 26-02-1930 d. 07-01-1994 m. Rude Krpan b. 01-01-1903 d. 14-08-1988
Mira b. 12-01-1931 d. 8 Jun 2003 m. Anton Justic b. ___ 1924--------------------view Mira and Mike in Zagreb 2002
Zlatan Justic b. 22-08-1963

Ante b.25-05-1936 m. Blanka Odobasic
Andelko b. ________1966 m. Gordana
Martin b. 1995
Ivan b. 1997
Fran b. 2002

Tomislav b. 1970 m. Ana
Klara b. 2003
Vid b. 2004
Marko b. 2010

Anton Adam b. 24-12-1908 d. 30-11-1909
Milica Zlatica Anica b. 06-07-1910 d. 11-08-1918
Rajko (Radovan) b. 19-06-1912 d. 20-05-1986 ( I have these birth and death dates for another Adalbert Jezic????)

note differences in church record spelling with this list of family spellings from Novi. This list was compliled by Danijel Segulja 1st cousin once removed=my mon's first cousin), and, presented to me by Mica Segulja in Rijeka 2002; a revised (in red) list reflects the changes/additions made after consulting with 4th cousin Durdica Jezic Kriskovic (curator of the Novi Museum), along with town Historian (5th cousin) Krsto Zoricic. This information was confirmed with Lynette Sebalja's (her husband is my 4th, 4th, 5th, and 6th cousin) views of the Mormon microfiche of Novi birth records. Records of the following generation, Adalbert Jezic-Marija Dobric were given to me by 3rd cousin Mira Jezic in 1st cousin once removed Marija Segulja's home in Zagreb--it erroneously list Milan Jezic's birth year as 1961 and lists an Adalbert Jezic born in 1912 that I cannot find. Other lists, show the descendents of Adalbert and Ivan Jezic.

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