John was born 1 November 1907; he passed away 18 December 1993

He married Frances Fawn Tippit b. 18 April 1920; we lost Frances 27 November 2001. View Frances's obituary, by grand daughter Julie Laughlin, here.

JOHN SEGULIA--his life, his family
Frances Segulia

John. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .One time, while adventuring on his own, John made it to California under the assumed name of Jack Nelson, where he worked for the Western Union Telegraph Company and earned employment recommendations for his hard work.







John (left), boxing as Ivan Shegulja, USMC in 1929 and at right as Johnny Shaw in 1933 (picture from '31)--John fought on the undercard of a Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom championship fight! Above, read the El Paso Times September 24, 1933 billing for John's fight

Victory!John scores a come-from-behind KO victory!

John and Frances among a whole bunch of Segulias. From left. . .

Christmas in El Paso, 1954

Bud and Osceola, 1944


Mary Osceola Segulia, was John and Frances's first born, and the first grandchild of Vence and Maria Mudrovcic Segulia. She was an exceptional child, beautiful, and precocious. Her first schooling was at Loretto Academy in El Paso where she boarded from Sunday night through Friday. John and Frances brought her home to spend weekends on the farm.

After her brother, Buddy, started school, she stayed home to attend school in Tornillo, where she was advanced a grade and still excelled beyond her public school classmates. When she reached high school, the family bought a home in El Paso to afford their children the advantages of a better scholastic and social life during their teens.

Ossie graduated fourth in her class and enrolled in Texas Tech at age 17, considering a major in speech therapy. In high school, she had been drawn towards the performing arts, best remembered for her impersonation of Lucy (Lucille Ball) in the "I Love Lucy" play.

She was elected FIESTA QUEEN by the vote of the entire student body.

By invitation, she danced with a professional troupe in one of the Juarez Mexico nightclubs, impressing dance aficionados, patrons, and most of all her proud parents, with her finesse.

During her freshman year at Tech, Ossie met Gary mcElroy and married him in June 1956. Gary was three years short of graduating so Ossie got an office job with a dairy in San Angelo, Gary's home town. Gary worked in the oil fields that Summer, and returned to Tech in the Fall to play football with the Raiders.

By September of 1957, Gary Jr. had made an appearance, whereupon Gary Sr. gave up football, got a part-time job, and devoted the rest of his time to his studies. By the time he graduated in June 1960, he and Ossie had added Julie (Dec 1958) and Johnny (Jan 1960)--Mark was not added to the family until three years later after the growing family had moved to Cochise, County Arizona to farm. The farming was shortlived, and the McElroys returned to Lubbock in 1966. By that time, Ossie had taken ill, passing away 6 years later on September 22, 1972.

At left, view Ossie standing in front of Pete Segulja Jr. and next to Michael Pottorff who is being held in the arms of his grandmother Johana Mudrovcic Segulja. The photo was taken December 28, 1947 during the Segulia family's visit to the Segulja family farm(s) in Gadsen, Arizona.

It was a common practice for John to "buzz" the house at low altitude with his Piper Cub or Tri Pacer, when he was in the area and needing a ride from the local dirt air strip.

Osceola's Children
Julie McElroy Laughlin
Gary (center) flanked to the left by cousin Bryan Tippet's wife Suzie and to the right by cousin Tom Segulja's daughter Olivia


Don, Julie, and Alyssa
Julie is married to Don Laughlin, and had two children, Travis Armstrong and Alyssa Laughlin. Tragically, we lost Travis to a hiking accident in the Big Bend area 20 July 2003.

Travis--Graduation From Boot Camp

3amigos"From left to right: Michael McNutt (Don's Son), Don, and Travis

Above, view Julie and Alyssa

above, view Alyssa, the halloween angel

above, view Alyssa, in school (1999)

Alyssa at age 10



Mark is married to Laurie and has two children, Bret Finholt and Mary Kalista. . .and we are expecting Kaycee Fawn in April!

above, view Mark, Vice president of the GL Barron Construction company

Below, view Mark and his family

l-r Mark, Bret, Laurie, & Mary Kalista


Bud was a straighforward, unpretentious child, and, an outgoing teenager. He was born 27 November 1941 in an El Paso Hospital and named Vincent Jacob Segulia. We called him "Buddy," "Bud," "Jack," or "Jackie." Finally, he gave himself the name "V.J." whilein high school at Ysleta High School located in the Ysleta I.S.D., an independent district within the city of El Paso.

He had a wonderful out-going personalioty, liked kids better than any school subject, so he said.

Going out for sports usually resulted in his running a temperature. . .a hint of what was to be diagnosed during his senior year, when he began to show signs of cancer of the the lymph glands. Bud was treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, in 1958, however treatments, including chemotherapy were not yet available, and he passed away at Mayo's 15 October 1958.

Bud's picture appears in his high school annual for 1958-59 in memoriam.

Above, view Bud, front row center. From left to right view Frances Segulia, John Segulia, Osceola Segulja, Pete Segulja Sr., Johana Mudrovcic Segulja, Bud Segulia, Nathan "Blackie" Pottorff, Margaret Segulja Pottorff, and Michael Pottorff.