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I've been following the Segulja page with great interest and learnt a lot about my lineage, particularly from Lyn Sebalja's efforts in New Zealand.

My paternal grandfather was Franjo Piskulic (b 1895) the son of a widower and widow so he has half siblings on both sides. His father was Franjo also (1852-1915), mother was born Marija Zoricic but previously married to Kargacin. My grandfather had a half brother from that union Vlademir Kargacin (b 1883) who went to America as a young man. I am curious about his life in USA, also more about Marija Zoricic.

The Piskulic line is "Arbice" presumably from Arba Piskulic (1809-1878). Juraj Piskulic (1755-1785) is as far back as I have any information about that line. The "line" names appear to have popped up in the early 1800s probably to identify families more clearly. According to my late dad the old folk were very careful about inbreeding! [give it up John, our family "tree" is a wreath!] I have Piskulic (Zdolcevic) in my mother's background and knew a Frank Piskulic (Fumic) who was not directly related.

I am seeking any information I can get about my paternal grandmother's line (she married Franjo about 1920 in Novi). She was Marija Radetic daughter of Dragutin Radetic (who died in Rhodesia - Zimbabwe about 1903) and Elizabeta Maricic. Marija had two brothers. Milan who died in South America and Josip who emigrated to USA. I know a bit about Milan but I would be interested in information about Josip Radetic. He would have been born in Novi about 1895-6 and emigrated to USA as a young man. Dragutin Radetic would have been born about 1870 in Novi. He is identified as Lovrin which indicates his father was called Lovre. If anyone an give me more information about his or Elizabeta's lines I would be grateful.

Dobric is also in my background. Both my maternal grandfather and grandmother were Dobric. Lyn Sebalja has identified their lines clearly. My grandfather was Petar Dobric (Lukinic- from Lukas 1794?) born 1897 Novi died 1971 in Australia. He was a brother of Roko who is well documented in the Tucson Arizona line by Lyn Sebalja. His wife was Katarina Dobric, sister of Lucija Dobric (Mudrovcic) also well documented in this page.

My family emigrated to Australia in the late 1920's although both my grandfathers has spent time in Australia or New Zealand from 1910 on.

My father was born Dragutin Piskulic but anglicised eventually to Charles Paskulich (b. 1922 Novi d. 1993 Perth Australia) Mother was born Vatroslava (anglicised to Ignatia) Dobric 1925 in Novi.

Keep up the good work. It seems that my generation, and on, are hungry for family history. Please forward this message to anyone you think would be interested in passing on any information to me.

John Paskulich Perth Australia

Lineage of John Paskulich:

Adalbertus Piskulich 1809 - 1 June 1855 mar Margareta Dobric 2 Sep 1809 - 12 Nov 1884
7 children, youngest was Frane b 27 Jan 1852 - 1915 mar (1) Vicka Maricich 1852 - 4 May 1893 (6 children) (2) Marija Zoricich (I know nothing of her without d.o.b. & parents name) (2) Marija Zoricich (I know nothing of her without d.o.b. & parents name)
Franjo b 8 Sep 1895 mar Marija Radetich b 14 Nov 1899
Dragutin 1922
John 1949