Karmen Antic

Luzaria to the right, with her sister Filipina to the left

Luzaria was born in 1902 (born 23 Sept 1903 Novi) and died in 1980. She never married, but was a very kind-hearted woman. She was the one that took care of her parents when they were old and this is one of the reasons she never married. She worked night and day on the fields, collecting, harvesting, planting. My grandparents were very wealthy and were popular for making their own wine, and, even had their own label. She was very wise and extremely talented in embroidery, stiching, and crochetting. She was very popular in Novi for this as she also made gloves for wedding dresses etc, as well as bedspreads and things as dowry. Her whole life she worked hard on the land and this land stole her entire life. When she was old, my sister Zeljka took care of her until she died.

The costume in the photo is a traditional dress for Novi, that is worn for a celebration or carnival called "mesopust." this dress is called "kas," or "narodna nosnja," and can be found in different shades of coulor. One is totally white with a white waist coat. The other is made of silk "svilnica" in different colors where the skirt is the same colour as the waistcoat. The one in the photo is the celebrational black dress with red silk for decoration. For all the "kas" you wear a white lace shirt underneath. On the hand, you wear a white shawl that is very long and is called "drelica."

You wear old fashioned earrings called "bati," and these are passed down each female generation. I got my pair from aunt Luzaria. Around the neck, they wore a red coral necklace and rosemary was placed in the waistcoat. With the dress you wear white knitted stocking.