Margaret Segulja, 5/21/24, married Nathan Pottorff, 3/14/24. View their wedding picture below:

Note: Vance Segulia is the best man; Mary Segulja is the Maid of Honor, and Annie Segulja (top right) is a bridesmaid.

Nathan "Blackie" was born in the farm community of Pixley, California. After his father abandoned the family, and his mother, a domestic, realized that she could not afford to care for him, he was placed in the McKinley Home for Boys. He participated in sports and developed his interest in radio, which would lead to a career with the Phone company developing microwave and satellite communication systems. His prowess on the gridiron earned him a scholarship to Arizona State University, where he was second team All Border Conference, as a Freshman. His football career, which went on to play in semi-pro leagues was interrupted. Listen to the sites and sounds of the most memorable day of this interruption, the invasion of Iwo Jima, February 19, 1945, by clicking here. "Blackie" went on to become elected for 30 years as a Water Board Commissioner, providing his town with lean, efficient, and inexpensive service--resisting the urge to needlessly make government bigger. An avid hunter, fisher, and radio enthusiast, Blackie is enjoying his retirement from both the Phone Company and elected office. Unfortunately, we lost Blackie 11 December 1999.

Margaret was born in the adobe house, that was to become Felix's house when Pete built separate quarters down the road in Gadsden, Arizona. Marge met Blackie at Arizona State. She majored in Home Economics, taught elementary school, and has retired to treat friends and family alike with her culinary skills, when not battering them at the bridge table.

Blackie and Marge had two children, Michael born 8/10/47 and Yvonne, born 5/11/50.

Baba (Johana Mudrovcic) and Dede (Pete Segulja)
with grandchildren Yvonne and Michael Pottorff
in front of the family farm in Gadsden, Arizona c. 1954

the Pottorff family upon moving to Lakeside in 1958

Their son, Michael, shown left (following a successful deer hunt) is a licensed Real Estate Broker and General Contractor. His interests in wildlife and conservation have found him at the forefront of many conservation issues. In the early '90's he wrote an outdoor column. He is currently involved in restoring San Diego's wild trout (the genetic ancestor of all the world's steelhead/rainbow trout), was a founding member of the San Diego Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (was involved in the plants), a founding member of the San Diego Chapter of Pheasants Forever, and the San Diego Chapter of the California Waterfowl Association, of which he has been the fundraising emcee for 10 of the last 13 years. Michael sits on the San Diego County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission.

In February 2003, Michael will be inducted into the Grandmaster wing of the National Field Archery Association's Hall of Fame (for bowhunting). To the right, view Mike with his prime tormentor at some function--not an AA meeting.

He looks forward to winning the lottery.

Their daughter, Yvonne, pictured left, is an Assistant High School Principal. She has taught many years and has accumulated many honors. Her husband Ron, is a civilian employee for the US Navy, in charge of many aspects of our military installations. On previous assignments, they have lived in the Philipines (where their first son, Aaron was born) and in Japan. Upon return to the States, another son, Ryan was born. View proud grandpa with his two grandsons below.

Aaron, Grandpa Nat, and Ryan