Mary, far right, was the oldest of the Arizona Segulja girls
to the immediate left is Margaret, and to the left of Margaret is Annie.

Lt. Mary Segulja--off to War! Above right with sister Marge's fiance, Blackie,
as they met in Hawaii following the battle of Iwo Jima and prior to the invasion of mainland Japan.

Mary married Tony Kriskovich, whose relatives can be found throughout our family tree:

Per Bill Kriskovich: Anton (my dad's) sister, Mica, married Ivan Sebalja. He had left Novi to work in New Zealand with 3 other Noviani men. They sent letters home for their families to find them Noviani wives. 4 women travelled to Auckland to meet their future husbands for the first time. My aunt Mica and the 3 other couples all had a group wedding. Ivan Sebalja and Mica Kriskovich had 3 kids: Gorana, Sonja and the son and youngest is Boris. Boris and his wife Lynette are into genealogy, but it was son Wayne that found the site. They have two other children, Gary and Lisa.

At right, from left, Boris Sebalja's grandmother, Maria Piskulic/Kriskovic/Troson b. 8 December 1889 Novi, d. 15 December 1962, Oakland, California, (center) Boris Sebalja's mother (Lynette's mother-in-law/Mary's sister-in-law) Marija Kriskovic Sebalja b. 8 September 1911, Novi, d. 20 September 1998, Auckland, New Zealand, and (right) Mary Segulja Kriskovich b. 19 December 1921 Gadsden, Arizona.

Sonja and Baldo (Bob) (Vicelich) have 4 children. Diane, Angela, Robert and Ivan (Ivan is the youngest member of the New Zealand Nat'l Soccer team. Robert (Jr.) was employed at the Australian Embassy in Los Angeles, until July 25, 2002, when we lost him and his girlfriend in a tragic traffic accident.

Gorana is the oldest cousin and I am the youngest on my dad's side

I did meet the Paladin's while I was in Auckland.

Below, view another of Tony's sisters, Ruzica, or Kris with her husband Norman (to the right), view cousin Michael Pottorff in the center, in red, and to the left view Chris's son Jerrel with his wife Valerie and son Matt.

The Anton Sokolic that married Katarina Maricic (that moved to Argentina) was Boris Sebalja's dad's first cousin.

Anton's sister, Anka, lived in New Zealand (pictured below right) and married Joe Paladin--they had a son Ivan, who had three sons. There are Paladins in the direct descendancy of the Novi Segulja family.

Josip b. 4 Jul 1889
Marija b. 9 Jul 1894 mar Josip Zoricic
Vladimir b. 4 Sep 1897 mar Vincenca Piskulic lived West Australia
Anka b. 29 May 1901 mar Josip Paladin lived in N.Z.
Anton b. aft 1901 mar Katarina Maricic lived in Argentina
Their father was Anton Sokolich b. 21 Nov 1863 Novi; their mother was Ursula Kukalj b. 18 Oct 1867 Novi

Boris's dad had another 1st cousin, Francika Zoricic who married Leopald Jezic--they migrated to Missouri, where their descendents still reside. The Segulja family has additional Zoricic relatives in Novi today.

In fact, the Kriskovich line is thoroughly enmeshed within the Segulja and Mudrovcic lines:
Check this out!

Toma Kriskovich 1740 m Katarina Kargacin 1739later m Lucia Maricich
Margarita 1766 bro/sist Paval 17721/2 brosJoseph 1794
Magdalena 17841st Catharina 17911/2 1st Francisca 1824
Maria Dobric 1827 2nd Pavlus Jezich 18201/2 2nd Margareta Dobric 1848
Roko Segulja 1850 3rd(mar.) Maria Jezich 1857 1/2 3rd Ivanja Mudrovcich 1895
Petar Segulja 1884married" "

At left, view an early photo of Tony Kriskovich with his new in-laws. From left, see Tony, Johana Mudrovcic Segulja, Peter Segulja, Mary Segulja Kriskovich, Elizabeth Amlie Segulja, and Felix Segulja.

TonynMary picAt left view Tony and Mary during the week of 1953 in Northern, California--12 years later, in January of 1965, following the death of Mary's mother, they are posing in front of the family farmhouse.atthefarm

OK Bill, if you don't send me the pictures I need, your baby picture will stay here forever!

Attention all students at Hopkins Jr. High--this is your teacher, Mr. Kriskovich!

Antoinette at play and Toni's high school graduation photo

stuff to sort out
From: "Esteban Kriskovich"

How are you?

Saludos desde Asunción del Paraguay, en Sudamérica.

Somos la familia Kriskovich-DeVargas. Nuestros ancestros también llegaron de Novi, Yugoeslavia (entonces Imperio Austro-Húngaro).

Existen 6 familias Kriskovich en Asunción, todas de las misma rama común: José, que era panadero.

Tuvo 7 hijos, de los cuales 6 sobreviven:

- José, (abogado, magistrado miembro del tribunal de apelación en lo laboral)mi padre, hijo del primer José. - Eligio (químico, gerente de una cooperativa)
- Roberto (médico)
- Chingola (ama de casa)
- Luis Roque (panadero)
- Elba (ama de casa)

Un saludo desde aquí.

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