Mica in Novi garb

by Karmen Miletic

Mica was the only child from the marriage of Visko Mudrovcic and Lucia Jelisava Dobric.

Mica and her husband Mladen Sokolic

Mica bottom right in black during the Segulja-Pottorff visit of 2002--at left Michael Pottorff, Margaret Segulja Pottorff, Mladen Sokolic, Mica Mudrovcic Sokolic, and Sasa Sokolic

Mike and Mladen

Mica and Mladen's wedding
(l-r) nephew Ivica Butkovic, mother Lucija Dobric Mudrovcic, bride Mica, neice Margita Butkovic, groom Mladen, (half) sister Kati Mudrovcic Butkovic, brother-in-law Joso Butkovic, and neice Marija Butkovic.

To see other pictures of the wedding party, click here.

Mica is a seamstress and very talented at it. She married when she was 19, in 1951. In 1952, they had their first child, Milica. In 1954, she had Vinko.

Mladen was born is Slavonija Valpovo. His family immigrated there before the war. Mladen is a turrier and worked at a car garage called "Sumarija." He retired long ago. When I was getting married, because my father had died, Mladen was the one that gave me away together with my mother.

Mica's mother Lucija Jelisava 31 July 1895 - 24 Dec 1969
and Mladen (b. 24 March 1931) and Mica's (b.10 December 1932) children, Milica (b. 29 September 1952) and Vinko 4 April 1954.

MILICA SOKOLIC - She was born in 29 September 1952. She was the firstborn. She finished Gimnasium and works in a bank in Rijeka (Banka Rijeka). She married Milivoj Zoricic b. 24 July 1951, he's an oil technician and also works in Rijeka in a refinery. They have two sons, Christian (14 March 1980) and Zoran (11 July 1982). They all live in Kraljevica, a coastal shipbuilding center between Novi and Rijeka.

from left, view Zoran Zoricic, Nikol Miletic's German friend,
Nikol Miletic, and Marin Sokolic in Croatia in 1999

VINKO SOKOLIC - Vinko was born in 5 August 1954. After he finished high school he went on and became a carpenter. Because the pay wasn't very good he became an ambulance driver for the Novi Ambulance. He was driving to Rijeka in the ambulance when he died in the accident. He was 21 when he married Jadranka Anic (b. 4 April 1954) . She is a nurse and works in an ambulance in Crikvenica. They have 2 sons, Sasa born 1976 and Marin born 1982. Sasa is a nurse and works with his mother in Crikvenica Marin is a hairdresser.

Mariyana Antic and Sasa Sokolic

Marin Sokolic

Margaret Segulja Pottorff
and Milica Zoricic in the Bonavia Hotel

Michael and Margaret Pottorff with Milica Sokolic Zoricic
where she presented second cousin Michael with a copy of
a book of poems, entitled Zalo written by her sister-in-law,
Amalija Zoricic

The above photos were taken during a February 2002 Visit to Rijeka

Vinko at work

Sokolic pic Vinko went on to marry Jadranka Anic b. 4 April 1954, and they had two sons, Marin (b. 14 August 1982) and Sasa (b. 14 June 1976). Tragically, Vinko was involved in a traffic accident, which claimed his life and severely injured his son Sasa. In the photo left to right: Jadranka Sokolic, Milica Miletic, Maruska Devcic, Lari Miletic, Vinko Miletic, Lari's friend from Germany, Marin Sokolic and Sasa Sokolic.

Above right, view Sasa recovering from the car crash that claimed his father

Sokolic-Mudrovcic Tree
Mladen Sokolic (b. 24 March 1931) married Mica Mudrovcic (b.10 December 1932)

Milica born (29 September 1952) married Milivoj Zoricic (b. 24 July 1951)
Christian (14 March 1980)
Zoran (11 July 1982)

Vinko born in (5 August 1954) married Jadranka Anic (b. 4 April 1954)
Marin (b. 14 August 1982)
Sasa (b. 14 June 1976)

from left to right, view Mariyana Antic, Jadranka Sokolic, Marin Sokolic, and Sasa Sokolic

The Dobric females (Lucija Jelisava Dobric) are related 8 times but the main 2 are as follows:

Catharina Kriskovich 17 Feb 1796 (wife of Bartol Dobric 1798)sis & broJosephus Demetrius Kriskovich 26 Oct 1794
Thomas Julius Dobric 18351st cousFranciska Kriskovich 1824
Bartol Dobric 18612nd cousinMargareta Dobric abt 1865
Lucija Jelisava Dobric 18953rd cousinsMarija, Ivana, & Visko Mudrovcic

Anton Dobric 1734brosGergur Juraj Dobric 1737
Jerolim 17641st cousLuka Dobric 1761
Bart 17982nd cousGregor Dobric 1785
Thomas Julius 18353rd cousVincentius (Vinko) 1827
Bart 18614th cousMargareta abt 1865
Lucija Jelisava 18955th cousMarija, Ivana, & Visko