Dobric news from Auckland

Rachel Dobric, second from left, is trekking across the Waitakere range, to the west of Auckland, with some of her mates. Rachel is 5th cousin to all the Segulja-Mudrovcics in the United States except, Bill and Antoinette Kriskovich, where she is also their 3rd cousin, as well as to Boris Sebalja (Mica's Kriskovich's son) and to the children of his other sisters, Ruzica (Chris) and Stefica (Stephanie).

Mary (Posa), Helen (Franich), and Drina (Dobrec) (2nd cousins to the webmaster) are also 5th cousins to Rachel--Below see how Rachel is related to Auckland Sebaljas and Western Australian Paskulichs as well as Kiwi Mudrovcics (Posas, Franichs, and Dobrecs)

Ivan Piskulic 1771 bro-sisLucia 1774
Francisca 1817 1st Antonius 1813 Catharina Kriskovic 1796 sis-broJoseph 1794
Lucia 1862 2nd Anna Jezic 1847 Thomas Dobric 1835 1st Francisca 1824
Roko Dobric 18943rdRosa Kriskovic 1869marJosip Dobric 18622ndMargareta Dobric 1848
Roy 1934 4thJulijo Dobric 1895 3rd Ivanja Mudrovcic 1895
Roy's kids5thRussell 19344th Margaret Segulja 1924
Roy's G'kids
6thRachel 19925th

Michael Pottorff 1947
and all Arizonan Seguljas-Texas Seguljas descend from Ivanja's sister Maria

Ivan Piskulic 1771bro-sisLucia
Francisca 18171st Antonius 1813
Lucia 18622ndAnna Jezic 1847
Roko Dobric 1894bro-broPeter Dobric 18973rdRosa Kriskovicsis-broAlbin Kriskovic 1880
Roy Dobric 1934
Katherine Dobric 1940
1st cousVatroslava (Ignatia) 19254thJulijo Dobric 18951stMarija 1911
Roy's: Daniel 1955, Kerry 1957, Brent 1960, & Leilani 1963
Katherine's: Julie Sheridan 1970, Jeff Sheridan 1974
2ndJohn, Irene, Karen, Grant, and Jeffrey Paskulich5thRussel Dobric 19432ndBoris Sebalja 1947
Daniel's: Ryan 1997, Carson 1995
Kerry's: Wesley 1987,
Andy 1990
Leilani's: Matthew Dies 1994
Julie's Quinn Kelly 2000, Aidan Kelly 2002
3rdJohn's: Cristina 1974, Fiona, Peter 1985
Karen's: Kaitlin Moore 1985, Brayden Moore 1988
Jeff's: Nicola 1990, Rachel 1992, Samual 1993
6thRachel Dobric 19923rdGary, Wayne, and Lisa Sebalja
Catherina Kriskovic 1786sis-broJoseph 1794
Thomas Dobric 18351stFrancisca 1824
Josip Dobric 18622ndMargarita Dobric 1848
Julijo Dobric 18953rdVisco Mudrovcic
Russell 19434thMatt
Rachel 19925thMatt's: NZ
Kati's: Cro
Mica's: Cro