The Mudrovcic Road to America

The Mudrovcic family's final emigration to America occurred after WWI when Johana Mudrovcic (to become Mrs. Peter Segulja) and her sister Marija Mudrovcic Segulja (wife of Vence) boarded the Cunard steamer in Trieste (Italy--it was in Austria Hungary when their husbands left), bound for America. Their final days in Europe can be traced through the stamps in Johana's passport. Along with the two sisters were Marija's children, John, Matt, Chris, and twin boys Tom and Vance.

Here view the cover of her passport, with the crest of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, and with fine print that tells of the fines for misuse/forgery of this document.

Click Here to view the first page of the passport, with her picture (left) and the title page (right) of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes.

The next page describes her by name, address, and occupation (left) while the facing page lists her date of birth (incorrectly as 1896--should be 1895. . . ah, government workers. . . ) while the opposing page gives her physical description.

Turning to the third set of pages (numbered 4 and 5) we see a space for a companion (nothing filled out) with the opposing page stamped by the Royal County Of Ogulin authorities (KR. is abbreviation of "Kraljevska" meaning Royal"---the family's recollection is that Baba sought permission of the church to leave (not clear if this stamp is a part of that transaction, or a separate government action.--

Pages 6 and 7 have the stamps for the passport ($1) and the alien declaration (green card of the time) ($9). While in Zagreb, exit visas were obtained for the Cunard line (opposing page) as witnessed by the stamps.

One pages 8 and 9,transit visa for Italy, issued by Italian Consulate in Lubiana (Ljubljana), Slovenia - then part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. and, on the opposing page we see an embarcation stamp as they got on the boat 14 December 1920. If you came from the front page, hit "back" on your browser to continue their journey on Ellis Island, otherwise, hit "home" below.