pete 609W56TH Pete is the youngest of Johana and Pete Segulja's children. View his picture to the left and a 1949 snapshot of Pete, his sister Mary, his sister Margaret, his sister Annie, his mother Johana, and his father Pete Sr. Pete was born October 6, 1931--the first member of the Arizona branch to be born in a hospital rather than at home. Sadly, we lost Pete on November 11, 2007, when he died in his sleep, at home. Standing alone at the head of the pack was the only nephew/grandkid at the time, Michael Pottorff.

The picture was taken in front of the duplex, owned by Delora Pottorff (Nathan's mother) on 56th Street in Los Angeles.

The family rode on the streetcars that ran down Figueroa Street at the end of the block.

hangon gadsden farmLike the other Arizona Seguljas, Pete grew up on the farm. At left, view Pete teaching his 3 year old nephew, Michael Pottorff, the art of bull riding during Christmas of 1950. At right, the scene around the Gadsden Christmas Tree, with his infant niece, Yvonne Pottorff, his sister, Margaret Segulja Pottorff, his sister Annie Segulja, his father Pete Segulja Sr., his mother, Johana Mudrovcic Segulja, and, at the far right, Pete himself. Except for a stint on the basketball courts and in the Army, where he was stationed in Puerto Rico, agriculture has been central to Pete's professional life. While at college, he met, and later married, Carolyn Franks.

Carolyn and Pete Segulja's wedding day

While in Puerto Rico, their first child, Kathi was born. After his stint in the service, Pete returned to Gadsden, then he moved to Welton, where he sold fertilizer. It was during this time of social contacts that Pete garnered his first lard ass trophy, awarded for the heaviest man at the Christmas weigh-in. Later, Pete launched his own farming and ranching operation(s) in Deming and Silver City New Mexico.

hipdinner numero unoPete still works the cows; sometimes a little too vigorously. At left, view Pete (with crutches), Carolyn, and daughter Kathi at a post hospital release dinner, following a broken pelvis sustained in a bucking horse incident. Kathi remains quite a horseman too, with training and rodeo credentials. But, it is Carolyn who takes top honors in the showmanship category. At right, view Carolyn astride Understudy Star "Sandy," in 1994, when she won it all. Periodically, her name appears on internet postings, where you can view her national ranking.

Carolyn and Pete, shortly before his untimely death, November 11, 2007

Above left, Kathi and Petey, in the Hansen's front yard--Above right, Kathi as Ms. Luna County

Kathi worked as a numbers cruncher for a mining concern. She married Pat Greeman, and they had a son, Jerrod Tyrell. After the mine fell on hard times, the Greemans moved to the wide open spaces of Montana. View the Greemans (where is Pat's picture?--send it!) below:

training mothernsonIn the photo at left, view Kathi putting a horse through it's paces--at right, view Kathi with Ty.

Jerrod Tyrell, or "Ty" graduated from New Mexico State at Las Cruces.. He lives in Las Cruces with his wife Michelle (nee Jones) b. 12/28/78. Michelle is an agent for the area's 4H organization, working with "at risk" children, as well as the traditional 4H activities. Ty and Michelle have a son, Robert Patrick Greeman, born October 9, 2005.

schoolpic petey Petey (Pete Segulja III) is also involved in agriculture. An accomplished wrenchbender, Petey moved his trucking/farming/ranching business from Silver City, New Mexico to Utah. View Petey to the left in a school photo, and, to the right at his parents' house. Around 2000, Petey moved to Nevada where he has launched a farming and ranching operation.