Patrizia Socolich Skunca

(Patrizia Socolich Skunca, cousin to all Segulja-Mudrovcic relatives in the US, Segulja relatives in Novi, Sokolic relatives in Novi, Mica's Mudrovcic family in Novi, the Maricics in New Zealand and Australia, and, the Sokolics in Argentina).

My maiden name is Socolich, I have recently started researching my family history, and have viewed your extremely interesting web site about Segulja's family tree and Novi. I knew we should have some connections with Novi as all Sokolich origins are from that area but I didn't know anything about my ascendants as the last 4 generations lived in Pula (Istria) and Rijeka.

It is still a little bit confusing for me as I have suddenly received a lots of information, but I'll do my best to explain our family connections in the best way...

1) Mathias Sokolich who married Katarina Lucija Segulja, was brother of my ascendant Georgius (Juraj) Sokolich Stipan Vlahovic

2) Fredericus Casimirus Sokolich who married Lucia Merzljak was nephew of my grand-grand father Paulus Sokolich born in Novi on 1820 and died in Pula on 1898.

As I understand, you were the person in charge for all that great work done on your family's history, so I presume you can imagine the thrill that every new discovery brings with. I hope you will find these information interesting, and would take this opportunity to ask you for a recomendation of person or organization in Novi who would be willing to help in my further family roots research, I would really appreciate any information.

Many thanks in advance, I send you lots of greetings from Croatia,


Patrizia Skunca