Tom Segulja and Anna Bako's b. 23 May 1923 wedding
Bridesmaid is Mary Bako and Best Man is Vance Segulja

Life in Gadsden--to the left view Tom with cousin Annie and to the right with cousin Pete

Tom and his twin brother Vance were born 20 December 1913. . .

Tom passed away 26 August 1985.

Ann, Tom, and their first grandchild, Michael.

Thomas Segulja b. 20 Dec 1914 Novi d. 26 Aug 1985 Pecos, Texas mar. Anna Bako

Robert David 14 Sep 1948 mar. on 15 Aug 1970 Christelle M. Gooding 1947
Michael Frazer 1 May 1972 mar. on 27 May 1995 Jennifer Louise Vanzant b. 17 Nov 1972
Michael Alexander Segulja 4 December 1999
Morgann Shirley-Adele Segulja16 December 2002
Ian Frazer Segulja 21 September 2004

Carrie Anne 8 Oct 1975

Thomas Edward 26 Mar 1952 mar. on 28 Jun 1980 Mary Diane Nipp b. 15 Jul 1954

Matthew Thomas 28 May 1981
Douglas Carriel 19 Sep 1983
Olivia Diane 19 Jul 1990

l-r Matt, Doug, Olivia, Diane, and Tom

Joseph Stephen 10 Jul 1955 mar on 6 Sep 1980 Kathy A. Scheideman b. 24 Apr 1959

Mary Kathryn 4 Sep 1981
Elizabeth 13 December 1983
Anna Kristen 3 October 1985
Sara 28 June 1988


Robert David Segulja b. 14 Sep 1948 mar. on 15 Aug 1970
Christelle M. Gooding b. 27 Apr 1947

Chris and Robert celebrating Chris's 60th birthday.

At left view Michael Frazer 1 May 1972 and his wife Jennifer Louise Vanzant b. 17 Nov 1972. They were married on 27 May 1995.

Michael's wife, Jennifer, at work--prior to going into the Mommy and self employed business.

Michael and Jennifer Louise Vanzant b. 17 Nov 1972 have a son, Michael Alex Segulja--Tom and Ann's first great grandchild. View Alex, as a newborn, below. And, to the right, view his sister Morgann Shirley-Adele who was born December 16, 2002, --and who is being held by her aunt Carrie.

. . .and the latest arrival: Ian Frazier Segulja, born 21 September, 2004. Check out Ian's 3rd birthday.

Michael and Jennfer Segulja's children
Ian, Michael, and Morgann at left
Michael and Jennifer at Michael's
surprise 35th birthday celebration at right

Jennifer provides a Robert-Tom-Joe update:

Michael has been employed with CTS here in Houston for the last 2 ˝ years as their Systems Analyst/Data Center Manager. Prior to CTS, we ran our own computer/network business for almost 4 years. For fun, Michael has been learning a bit of Php programming and has done a bit of web design for one of my clients (the site isn’t online yet as we’re still finishing it up).

I am currently a stay-at-home mommy, but also have a part-time bookkeeping company on the side. My 2 clients keep me very busy, so I feel like a chicken with my head cut-off most of the time! But, I left the security industry in 2000, right after having Alex (so you can remove that picture and the website link since they are no longer in business). I am also the Membership & Finance Coordinator for a local MOPS group ( is the main site; is our group’s site), but will be passing the baton, so to speak, within the next month or so. Oh yeah, one of my former positions found me as a bridal coordinator, so I’m currently helping a friend out by working a few bridal shows over the next few weeks – just because I didn’t think I was busy enough! As for the kiddos, Alex is 8 years old and currently attending the 2nd grade; Morgann is now 5 and finishing up Pre-K; Ian is 3 and will be starting preschool next year! None of the kids are currently involved in any extra-curricular activities since we have a hard time catching ourselves coming or going, but they spend lots of time jumping on the trampoline that Gma Segulja bought for them last year and playing with our next door neighbors (all their same ages – such a blessing!). Nothing very exciting, I know, but at least it would give you some updated info on us J Feel free to modify the verbage as needed – or don’t use it at all – whatever!

As for Carrie, you should email her to get the full-story, but she & Jorge have been dating for at least 6 months? Like I said, she is not engaged, but he’s a really great guy! Over the last 6 months, Carrie has done some traveling as a Physical Therapist, first to the Boston area for 3 months, then to McKinney, TX for the last 3 months. This weekend she is packing up and moving to Florida – I have no idea where in FL, but I’m sure she’ll see plenty of sun & surf while there. After that, not sure where she will be going. Not even sure she’ll do much more traveling. But, like I said, you should try emailing her for an update – just hold your breath that she’ll email back anytime soon J In case you need it, her email address is

Bob & Chris are still Bob & Chris – Bob is working and still has his window coverings business, while Chris helps him with office work. She is also very involved at Victory Christian Center (their church). They actually just left (and took Alex) to go help Carrie with her move this weekend – they are helping her to get packed up, but not making the drive to FL. You could email Chris at to see if she’ll send you updated info.

Ok, hope this helps you somewhat! I couldn’t even begin to tell you what is going on with Joe & Kathy or Tom & Diane and their families, other than to say that Mary Kathryn (Joe’s oldest daughter) just had her first baby, Matthew Segulja (Tom’s son) is near Houston on a job – I think! – and Doug (Tom’s son) is living in New York – I think he’s still in school, studying architecture if I’m not mistaken.

Carrie Anne Segulja was born 8 Oct 1975

Carrie and nephew Alex

Carrie. running with the webmaster's company, Poet Properties logo, on her back

Carrie with Grandpa Tom's 1st cousin, Margaret Segulja Pottorff, at a fundraiser for California Waterfowl, where
father Robert's second cousin Michael Pottorff won a spiffy over and under shotgun. Carrie, visiting San Diego
for a medical convention, concluded her stay by becoming Michael (and Cece's) first houseguest at their Fallbrook home.


Tom's wife, Diane is a community activist, seen here, in pink, at
a meeting of the Drug Prevention Resource, Inc. organization


Matthew Thomas Segulja born 28 May 1981
Douglas Carriel Segulja born 19 Sep 1983

Olivia Diane Segulja born 19 Jul 1990


To the left, view Joseph Stephen 10 Jul 1955 and his wife Kathy A. Scheideman b. 24 Apr 1959. They were married on 6 Sep 1980 To the right, view their four daughters, Mary Kathryn, Elizabeth, Anna Kristen, and Sara.

l-r Joe and Kathy with Chris and Bob at Chris's big 6-0.


Mary Kathryn Segulja, born 4 September 1981, married Joseph Kenneth Nader following her graduation from college. Joseph was born September 24, 1980 in Fort Worth, Texas. They were married June 21, 2003. They lived in Wilmore, Kentucky where Joseph attended the seminary. See wedding pictures below. Meanwhile, the newest news is that Mary Kathryn (Joe’s daughter) and Joseph Nader had a baby on March 31, 2008 at 3:39AM. [Welcome Lydia Kathryn Nader!] The blessed event took place in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mary Kathryn and her parents

The wedding party

The bridesmaids

The groom and his parents

Click Here to view full size wedding photos, courtesy of Michael Segulja.

Grandma Ann Segulja and new great granddaughter, Lydia Nader

New grandparents, Cathy and Joe Segulja with new granddaughter, Lydia

Joseph and Mary Kathryn with Lydia at her baptism. She's now almost 3 months old--born on March 31, 2008.

Elizabeth Segulja born 13 December 1983


Anna Kristen Segulja born 3 October 1985

Joe, Kristen, and Cathy
celebrating Kristen's graduation

Sara Segulja born 28 June 1988